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You’ve found the right place if you are looking for easy DIY home improvements ideas. The majority of these renovation ideas can be completed in one afternoon. These tips can help you improve the value of your property by making minor improvements to your yard and home.

1) Refresh Walls and Trim
To brighten up your home and increase its value, you can paint dark walls. Wallpapering one wall or a small area can add visual interest and character to your home. You might consider repainting your home or adding trim to it for a more finished, elegant look. Crown molding can be a great way to add dimension to your home and make it feel larger.

2) Get Rid Of Popcorn Ceilings
Popcorn ceilings are no longer a standard feature and can make it harder to sell your home. The spray-on texture is an old-fashioned way to hide shoddy artistry or ceiling cracks. You may also find cobwebs or dust, which can be challenging to clean. Finally, it creates shadows on your ceiling, which makes your space appear darker.

Your popcorn ceilings might contain asbestos if your home was built before 1979. It’s hazardous, and you should have the popcorn removed by a professional.

3) Insulate the Attic
Your attic may not be adequately insulated. This could lead to heat and cool air escaping from your home, which can cause your energy bills to skyrocket. Quality insulation in your attic is a great way to reduce utility bills and increase your home’s energy efficiency. This is a quick DIY project that will bring you instant results.

4) Make Your Yard Look Great
You can give your yard a makeover by planting trees and adding landscaping. Motion-detecting lights are not only beautiful but can also deter burglars, vandals, and other unwanted creatures. Another great way to improve curb appeal is to resurface your driveway.

5) Fix Your Gutters
If your gutters or downspouts look good, you can clean them thoroughly. To gently clean any buildup, you’ll need a soft bristle toothbrush and a hose. A cleaner is also necessary. You can use liquid detergent, white vinegar, or a TSP-PF (trisodium-phosphate- and phosphate-free) cleaning product.

You can also repaint your gutters after they have been dried and cleaned. You can choose to use oil-based or latex-based paint depending on the material of your channels. The first step is to remove the old paint. Next, sand the gutters down gently, apply primer and then paint the topcoat.

6) Fixtures to be Updated
Simple projects such as updating your plumbing or lighting fixtures can make a big difference in your home. For example, you can brighten dark areas by replacing ceiling fans and updating sink and tub fixtures. Also, you can upgrade lighting fixtures to give your home a modern look.

Dimmer switches are another way to save money while creating a more relaxing environment. In addition, you can add visual interest to a room by using different lighting types.

7) Conceal your HVAC Units
HVAC equipment can be a nuisance. Furnaces are hidden away in basements and closets. However, air conditioners can be seen from afar. There are many options for hiding your AC unit. There are many options for hiding your AC unit. For example, you can put up a fence or trellis or plant shrubs in front of it. Or, you could build a small shed or cover that can be removed.

8) Improve Your Indoor Air Quality
You can improve the air quality in your home by using DIY hacks. Excess humidity, pet hair, dust, and other allergens can cause polluted air. A dehumidifier can be used to reduce moisture and condensation in your home. To reduce moisture, open windows whenever possible, use bathroom fans and kitchen fans to ventilate the house. Ceiling and attic fans can also be used to circulate the air.

To eliminate any contaminants circulating in your home, make sure to change your AC filters and groom your pets. In addition, an indoor plant filtration system will increase the oxygen in your home.

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