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Mold isn’t just unpleasant to our homes, and it could also lead to illnesses in the household. And above these troubles stated, it causes damages to the structures of our homes, which could later cause accidents plus the repair costs. It is vital for us to grasp all these things to protect ourselves and our loved ones from health and safety issues. Let’s review what a house typically has that leads to mold, a few things to avoid, and professionals that can aid us in assuring our well-being.

What are the causes of mold in your home?


Moisture is unavoidable; therefore, mold build-up will continuously attempt to moisten certain locations. Since mold can develop in a wet area within 24 hours, we have to know the humidity level in our homes in real-time. We must quickly dry the affected areas to avoid the start of mold. The temperature outside creates moisture on the inside, which is another contributing aspect, including the moisture from watering plants.

If we think about it, we must see to it that we dry our walls at the right moment of the day as it is the molds’ point of entry. If you only have discovered these matters, you may already have molds living with you the entire time. You may need experts to restore properties damaged by these molds and clean up everything that isn’t that affected; visit them now.

Water Leaks

The air conditioner, pipe and the most popular is the roof. These three are the most common sources of water leaks. These leaks are disregarded by many households, which means they live in a house with molds, which is dangerous to one’s health and hazardous to the foundation of our home’s structure.

There are proper tools that we can use to avoid and repair leaks. It is much easier to go through the hassle of repairing and installing whatever we can to control water flow from these leaks. If you have disregarded these leaks, it isn’t too late to avoid a much worse situation.

Check the best provider in PuroClean Dublin that will meet and attend to your recovery needs. You can still catch up. If you notice discoloration from the walls or structures around these water leak sources, that must be it. The water that stays will start mold accumulation within 24 hours.

Bad Ventilation

Bad ventilation is one cause of moisture in our homes. However, this is caused by bad ventilation in our place. Imagine cooking or using appliances that heats up and even the moisture that comes from the shower room with no proper ventilation at all.

These hot and cold temperatures sitting inside a certain space will quickly create moisture and eventually mold and affect almost the entire house. We can install an exhaust fan or have enough windows for proper airflow. And if we’re disregarding this for more than a year, it is best for your place to be inspected if there have been damages made to avoid home hazards.


If you realize that you have one of these habits or this type of setup at home, the option is now yours. Suppose you intend to live with it and do a thorough cleaning every day or have a single inspection by experts so you can make changes accordingly to prevent mold. A sense of urgency is a must. Think about all these as it could save time, cash, and tears.

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