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Hebrew Math Tutoring Toronto

A strong academic foundation for a student builds a bright future! Our young learners can gain core skills to succeed through a fun and applied learning environment. We want to show each student how to do – not what do to – and build passion and confidence for learning that can last a lifetime.

Our Early Skills program is designed to cover the important things: the core. We want to build a student’s strengths in areas such as fine-motor, visual perception, cognitive skills, letter and number recognition, phonetic awareness and focus.

Elementary years are defining years in student’s life, especially for academics. It’s scary to think about the impact of a bad year, a few Cs and Ds can have on their confidence and self-belief. Students have a wide range of needs at the Elementary level and whether it’s language, math, science, history or even organization, note taking, and study skills, we’re here to help you through it!

ADHD, ADD, MID (Mild Intellectual Disorder), Dyslexia, Autism, Down Syndrome. We understand that our special needs students need an extra level of care, attention and, most importantly, the knowledge to approach their learning disability or exceptionality. Our instructors have the experience, qualifications and personality types to help our special needs students in the highest level. Our tutor-mentors incorporate continuous positive reinforcement and personalized instruction while showing patience and empathy.

Oftentimes, we know that parents and students are discouraged with the results that students have experienced in school or in alternative supplementary education services. We have developed an understanding of the most effective methods through which to teach students with learning disabilities.