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Winter And Summer Camp Programs

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Our learning summer camps and winter break

Summer Camps for disabled kids are special need camps that been running successfully in many parts of the world, helping children develop better learning patterns. Specially created for children with ADHD, anxiety, and other disorders, these camps are increasingly in demand, as diagnoses of some of these problems climb.

These kids’ camps combine learning with a range of fun activities. Learning disabled (LD) kids’ camps help children and teenagers with these problems to cope better with academics and gain self-esteem and poise. The staff at learning disabled camps is made up of teaching professionals and adults with experience of working with children who learn differently. Numerous summer and March break programs offer a specialization in specific types of LD, such as autism spectrum disorder (see ASD camps.)

What Summer Camps for kids with spEcial needs near you offer

  • The staff-camper ratio allows for necessary individual attention and support for your child. Campers are taught basic and advanced social skills and conversational skills; problem solving abilities and a variety of related skills are also covered. 
  • Traditional camp activities are combined with academics, speech and language therapy as well as daily living skills to create a valuable package for campers who learn differently. Martial arts, swimming, crafts, rock climbing walls, dramaand music  also is part of our learning disabled camps.
  • A wonderful benefit of these camps is they foster friendships among children with special learning needs. While these kids may have disorders in common with some kids in their school, the new environment of a camp or program widens their circle to include others from the same city who are in “the same boat.” This is empowering to kids facing challenges that can sometimes be alienating. 

That said, kids are increasingly accepting of others, hopefully, as our culture grows. This is reflected in the fact that some camps may not necessarily specialize in LD support but offer it, in an environment where there are kids of varying abilities. Many camps offer a wide sleight of outdoor activities that challenge kids in unique ways and often foster newfound confidence. When encountering new challenges such as rock climbing and other such activities, meeting them head on and excelling at them, kids learn and grow in ways that are uniquely enriching. 

Summer Programs


For the past 6 years, we have partnered with Different camps to provide winter and summer break learning camps. These kids’ camps combine learning with a range of fun activities and help children develop better learning patterns. Specially created for children with autism,ADHD, anxiety, and other disorders, these camps provide an enriching and educational structure to their summer and winter breaks.

Winter and SUMMER CAMP

Our Winter and Summer camps Program offers three two-week sessions with morning and afternoon classes. Subject material is mixed with activities to provide a fun and interesting learning experience. Children who attend these sessions are able to return to their regular classes in September without having fallen behind by forgetting what was taught the previous year. We offer two distinct programs based on the child’s age and developmental objective.

Summer Social Skills Program

The Summer Social Skills program is designed to provide continuity and reinforce social propriety in the relaxed atmosphere of a summer setting. Children are placed in small groups and learn how to successfully interact with others through games, role playing and direct interaction. The Summer Social Skills Program also teaches children how to fit in to social situations with proper actions and reactions.

N.H.S. (National.Health.Program)

N.H.S. (National.Health.Program) is a transition planning program for students in grades 7-9. This program is designed to assist students with succeeding in school and making healthy choices for their future. N.H.S helps students gain an understanding of their developmental disability and how to use this information to enhance their own career planning.

Topics discussed include:

•how people learn
•how a learning disability interferes with learning
•how to break down school work into different areas and how to approach each of these areas
•preparing for the changes and choices that will come in high school
•discussion regarding IEPs and accommodations.

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