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When you think about the rainy season, pictures of steaming tea and crispy biscuits come to your mind. Nonetheless, water dropping from rooftops, muddy puddles, moisture, and, worst of all, illnesses often interfere with the season’s overall enjoyment.

Popular Myths During the Rainy Season

Much intriguing mythology can be found in our yard. Friends, family, and neighbors – every person has a story to share, particularly when the weather turns bad. Countless wet season misconceptions have been passed down through the generations, from green veggies becoming unhealthy to eat during the rainy season to acquiring the infection by resting underneath a fan or ac unit after being soaked in the rainfall.

Many widely known weather myths have been examined; yet, while some may appear weird, some have a bit of truth.

Myth #1: Getting soaked in the rain will cause you to get sick.

It has long been believed that when individuals are soaked in the rain, they catch a cold. While this claim is greatly correct, the fluctuation in your surrounding temps creates you to catch a cold. On the other hand, the rains bring with them bitterly cold temperatures, and it is this abrupt change in weather makes sniffles, sneezes, and a dripping nose.

Along with this, unexpected occurrences may happen during this season. It is a good idea to have the phone number of a responsive and reliable emergency property restoration company if the heavy rain has damaged your property.

Myth #2: Birds stop singing when a storm approaches.

Birds are superb weather forecasters, and many weather proverbs are based on them. The reality that they have most likely flown away can explain why they become quiet before a storm. Research supports the concept of early departure and return of the golden-winged warblers from storms. Birds are supposed to find sounds that people can not, such as winds and oceans, even though they are too early to discover changes in atmospheric pressure.

Myth #3: Fever sets in when you’re sitting under a fan or an air conditioner when soaked.

Our immunity decreases with abrupt temperature changes, leading to cold virus infections. This can explain why people are prone to the common cold during the rainy and winter seasons. Naturally, resting near an a/c vent or under a fan has nothing to do with this. While cool air from an AC vent may not cause a fever, the infection is disseminated if the air flowed within an air-conditioned area has the cold virus. 

You may catch a cold as a result of this. You should also be cautious of the possibility of mold infestation in your home, as this is a common problem during this season. If this problem is overlooked, it will pose a serious threat to your family’s health. Hiring a mold removal service is a fantastic choice if you want to completely get rid of the mold. You can find a restoration company in your area by searching for “mold mitigation near me.”

Myth #4: Seafood should be avoided during the rainy season.

Any fish lover can firmly discard this one. Although fishing is forbidden during the rainy months due to contamination in some areas, there are times when there are no fish to be found. Technology has progressed, and the times have transformed. Local fishers and traders breed fish to fit the demands of fish lovers throughout the country, so no matter where you live now, you may consume your preferred fish dish, even on days of hefty rainfalls. These fish are secure to eat.


While most of us like hearing myths and tales, it is additionally necessary to confirm their truth. Allowing the rain to take control of your daily regimens and pull you down is not a great idea. Slow down, keep warm, and relax. May these refuted beliefs make you feel at ease as you benefit from the wet weather.

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