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Daycare for kids on the autism spectrum and developmetn delay

programs we offer in our day care

 Cooking Therapy

Cooking Therapy

speach patology and ocupetional

Speech Therapy and Occupational activities

Daycare for autistic children 1


Private School for Autistic Children


after school program for children with asd


The Miller Method and Floortime ApproachFloorTime/DIR/Miller

autism spectrum disorder

WRITING and Reading

child development


Daycare for autistic children 2DOG THERAPY

Course Outline – What we Offer in our daycare for Autistic Children

This course offered by our certified coginitve development threapsite , includes descriptions and illustrations of program and techniques for promoting social skills in a variety of environments. It focuses on children working at an intermediate level and above and assumes that the child has some descriptive language abilities, some basic play skills and already makes use of community trips. This course would be useful for both parents, tutors and learning support assistants and includes the following:

Teaching techniques (chaining and task analysis)


Support systems such as visual support and written support


Relationship training through video teaching, role play and social stories


Play skills


Life skills

#1 Private daycare for Children with Special needs - Registration Open

A reliable Private daycare for Autistic Children in Toronto, The House of Child Development. Serving to spread awareness and developmental treatment. Where we help the children with special needs to put back the missing milestones



the ratio in our program is one teacher for every  three children, with a maximum of 15 children and three teachers and 3 therapists  in the room.

In our program, each child’s individual needs are met by weekly  scheduling, including structured indoor therapy and educational program activities. Developmentally appropriate activities foster the growth of self-help skills, language development, social awareness and positive, non-aggressive problem solving skills in each child. The Center’s classrooms provide a stimulating environment, where the teachers work together in planning daily activities to meet the developmental goals of the children.

The house of development  strives to provide an environment which contains a wide variety of materials that are challenging, familiar and loved. The teachers encourage different kinds of play,music and art activities and activities designed to enhance and focus a wide range of your child’s skills, including construction, role play, gross motor, problem solving, discovering, communicating, creating, imagining, reading, writing, numbers, space and measurement.

During your child’s time in the  program, their teachers and therapist  will work closely with you to help your child transition through the stage of development  

 Our Goals

Private daycare for Autistic Children


Our Aim – Private day care  for special needs Children

The House of Child Development mission is to help children with Autism,ADHD and learning disabilities or emotion regulation issues to have a safe place to learn and to reach child developmental  milestone

What we Offer

Our Daycare operates 9:00AM- 14:00 from Monday-Friday each day your child will reactive therapy activities from :Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapist and Miller Method/Floor Time therapist or equivalent in additional to be part of the regular education programs

Your child will get the equivalent of 15 weekly (individual, group, supported) therapy hours

in addition, our day care student will fallow the educational program as writing at the ministry of education.

In a safe, encouraging and positive environment, learning social skills has never been so much fun!

The House of Child Development, as  private day care  for children with special needs , offers  School Skills program that are learned to include introducing oneself, ways to make friends, responding to teasing, being a good winner and a good loser, dealing with emotions, problem-solving, relaxations, and self-esteem after school programs in our Private School for  Children are also being offered.

Maximum 15 kids in day care, with a caring staff to child ration of 1:3.

for more information on the registration go to our registration website:https://autismtherapyvaughan.com/