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Autism Spectrum Disorder Therapies

Autism Spectrum Disorder Services in Toronto

A very warm welcome to our Toronto based Autism spectrum disorder services. The House of Child Development, where we ensure an expert level of autism therapies. And professional coaching in Vaughan and Toronto area. At The House of Child Development, we employ two key methodologies when working with our clients. These include the Miller Method and the Greenspan FloorTime Approach. By implementing these two developmental strategies, we successfully engage children who are displaying early signs of Autism or who already have an Autism diagnosis. We also teach families how to follow through with these activities so they can be generalized in the home and in other environments

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a condition that is related to a child’s brain development. This condition consequently affects the ability to act and speak. Presently, many experts are offering treatments of autism spectrum disorder in Canada. But we take pride in delivering high-quality services to the victim families.

What are the Autism spectrum disorder symptoms?

In general, the symptoms of ASD are detected at an early age of the child’s development. Which is before reaching three years. On the whole, the term “spectrum” in the autism spectrum disorders depends on the different signs. Additionally, it depends on levels from low to high levels. That is, children with autism have various signs between one child and another.

  • A child doesn’t answer every time his name is called.
  • Be very sensitive to light, sound, or touch too.
  • Collaborate to solve problems or tiptoe with a weird movement pattern.
  • Do activities that can harm him, such as cutting his nails or banging your head.
  • Do not like eye contact and show a flat face.
  • Frequent repetitive movements, such as tapping or squeezing hands.
  • Feeling rushed during routine interventions.
  • Can’t control his emotions.
  • Speaking with an unusual tone.
  • Repeats the word again and again.
  • Equally likes to play alone.
  • Repeats words or phrases often, and don’t know how to use them at the same time.
  • Often speaks like a robot.

Our Autism Spectrum Disorder Therapies

What is the Miller Method?

The Miller Method is a system-based approach that addresses children’s developmental requirements as an autism therapy. It was discovered by Dr. Arnold Miller. He used a cognitive-developmental Systems Approach and used a two-pronged plan(data source). The first plan involves transforming children’s abnormal systems into functional behaviors. Meanwhile, the second strategy includes introducing developmental activities into a systematic and repetitive way using objects and people to fill developmental gaps.

Especially, the Miller Method uses high board systems to increase a child’s body awareness. This eventually helps them become more aware of themselves and their surroundings. 


Miller Method has four primary goals:

  • Assesses the adaptive significance of the children’s behavior.
  • Attempts to transform the behavior into a functional activity.
  • Tries to expand and guide the children from closed ways into social and communicative exchanges·
  • Guides professionals and parents in systems to follow and facilitate children affected with Autism spectrum disorder.

Miller Method – Our Visionary Approach

We use sign and spoken language to increase communication during each session. Because this reduces the changes into spoken language for non-verbal children. Moreover, We use symbol reading programs to support children. It aids them to begin sight-reading, writing, and decoding difficult words. In contrast to other therapies, the Miller Method strongly encourages the participation of parents.

What is Greenspan Floortime Approach™?

In addition to the Miller Method, we use the Greenspan Floortime Approach in our Autism therapy program. It was created by Dr. Stanley Greenspan, who recognized the importance of meeting children on their level, both developmentally and physically. He has research on autism spectrum disorder, which shows his specialist approach toward treatment.

To maximize interacting learning, the instructor would get on the floor. This is to engage the child’s attention. FloorTime is an evidence-based intervention for a child with autism spectrum disorder diagnosed. It strengthens their basic communication and relationship abilities.

Our take on Greenspan Floortime Approach

During our sessions, we use effective educational practices for students with autism spectrum disorders. As well as, to make it more exciting, we motivate them to make good interaction. In addition to this, we challenge them to be creative, and spontaneous.

How does it Work?

We provide help to progress intellectually and emotionally. For this reason, we aim to help children practice the necessary skills. Such as engagement, interaction, symbolic thinking, and logical thinking. For any age child, we do three things: Follow your child’s lead, i.e. enter the child’s world and join in their emotional flow.
  1. Challenge them to be creative and as a result, they bring their best.
  2. Expand the action and interaction to include all of their senses and motor skills.

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