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A Glance at our Autism Services

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We are glad that you have chosen The House of child development. To help your child with special needs, by availing our services. Over the past few decades, with the rapid increase in mental and physical disorders of children. Including, disabilities like autism, ADHD, and other learning disabilities. The need for special treatments and child care interventions has increased.

There is an association of this that provides support and services to children and adults with developmental and other learning disabilities. The house of child development work with kids and Better Business Bureau and departments to craft quality services to children with special needs.

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Child development refers to a series of physical, language, mental, and emotional changes that occur in a child from birth to adolescence. The House of Child development employs evidence-based therapies and programs to ensure development. Consequently, all of the activities we offer to children are as simple as ABC. Here are our Fail-proof treatments for child care activity planning.

Why Choose our services? Expert Child Care Approaches


Our services are based on widely used, evidence-based practices including the Miller Method and Greenspan Floortime Approach. Moreover, they are guided by highly experienced practitioners. Our services aim to offer a collaborative, all-inclusive approach that supports children and empowers families. Moreover, we facilitate the working woman as well. For this, we enable them to enroll their kids at our Daycare center in Ontario. Because we know the right formula to provide you 100% satisfactory results.

What do You need To Know about Our services for Autism?

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Autism is a disorder that is affecting children. The disease stops the growth of brain cells that are involved in understanding and reacting. Lack of brain development affects factors such as a child’s speech, social relationships, intelligence, and self-help. An autistic child has nothing to do with the outside world and is lost in his own world. Many child development schools are offering ABA services. Dr. Stanley Greenspan revealed a different approach. Just like those doing ABA, he emphasizes to get the development of children with ASD back on track. Nevertheless, he was more interested in emotional connection than in behavior. In contrast to ABA, DIR/Floortime is a totally child-led procedure. Our services on Greenspan’s model has been considered encouraging(source).

However, psychologists, teachers, and parents can play a role in bringing the affected child back to social life by paying special attention to him. Only Specialists should be appointed as mentors, therapists, and coaches to train and educate children with autism. 

Our Services for Autistic child’s Treatment

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Treatment of autism spectrum disorders should be based on stimulating capacity development. Children’s interventions should focus on communication, social communication, and the development of new abilities of the patient. In these and other phases of treatment, parental involvement and training are essential. If you are located in Toronto, to avail of these therapies and treatments.





Our team of experienced therapists is currently accepting new clients. We are thrilled, that you landed our page. And we look forward to working with you and your child to help them reach their full potential.