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Child Counseling in Toronto – The House Of Child Development

The definition of a real-life coach or counselor is a committed professional. The one who has the right training and tools to help you achieve your goals. Very few people claim that they are not performing at the top of their game every day. At the house of child development, our Child Counseling Experts will help you reach their true potential. We take pleasure in serving the best courses in Child Counseling in Toronto.

Why Access Child counseling in Toronto?

Did you observe that when someone has a business question, they go to a business consultant? If they have a health problem, they go to a doctor or a health specialist. But in an event that someone is not feeling full of life. A life counselor will be their mentor. It is always a good idea to seek this blessing.

ADHD Therapy and Tutorring life coaching in Toronto
Autism centre

We are providing Cognitive development therapy for kids that were diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder global development delay or ADHD and learning disability.

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We understand that life sometimes throws curveballs, but now’s the time to throw them right back! 
Our program will help your child to become the leader of their own life and reach for the stars! We support children with the tangible tools and skills that they can use to infinity and beyond

10 weeks of Child Counseling program

We are providing floor time and Miller method therapy this is done at the child house or school.

A simple guide to life coaching in Toronto

Your child sees us for a tailor-made program that is made up of 4 x 45-minute sessions either on their own or in a group. In these sessions, we lay the foundation for becoming the leaders of their life. Our emphasis is on mindset work where we coach them through the use of games, activities, crafts, and lots of fun play.  No frills, no spills, just a nice conversation with you. We spend time getting to know every parent even before they become our clients by having an in-depth, no-obligation telephone consultation. And this is what, makes us different from others.

Life is about a series of choices we make on a daily basis. Every choice we make has the ability to have a positive or negative impact on our own or somebody else’s life. Life is about a series of choices we make on a daily basis. Every choice we make has the ability to have a positive or negative impact on our own or somebody else’s life. All of these choices are made based on five needs:

  • Survival
  • Belonging
  • Power
  • Freedom
  • Fun

Our Aim for Child Counseling and coaching in Toronto

We acknowledge the inner development of the child with special needs. And help them come in full bloom with our admirable services. Our well trained and qualified life coaches will help you with every inch of effort to bring out the hidden potential of your child. The makes us different is, we focus more on solutions, rather problems. You or child do not have to be mentally ill to get enrolled in our life coaching program based in Toronto.

Listed below are some privileges, you get for availing our life coaching in Toronto.

  • Clarity of goals.
  • Gain Self-confidence.
  • Overcome the insecurities.
  • Inner peace.
  • Enhance accountability.
  • Improved relationships.
  • Positive thinking and much more!
Child Counseling
The basket ball Legend, Magic Johnson

“All that a kid needs is a little help, a little hope and someone who believes in them”

– Magic Johnson