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Children are fun to talk to, and heartwarming because they speak through their hearts and minds. They speak the truth and the simplicity of life that is beautiful and full of hope. Some children, however, are experiencing one or several mental illnesses and cannot voice out how they feel. So they curl up and hide their true emotions until they explode. That is only when a parent notices that the child is troubled and might need special medical intervention. It is not too late though as there are doctors who can diagnose how a child is thinking and feeling without hampering anything. These are your trusted child counsellors.

What Is Child Counselling?

Child counselling is a specialized type of therapy wherein a trained professional in this field focuses on children having mental illnesses. Aside from very young children, this therapy can also help teens and adolescents who have experienced a dysfunctional environment or trauma. Mental illness can take a toll on a child’s life, and that is why it is necessary to seek professional intervention at an early stage.

Through child counselling, a child may be able to open up and share his/her feelings, thoughts and certain issues. Once these are out, the specialist may then work with the child side by side to better cope and heal along the process. Child counselling is a form of therapy in which the child and specialist work together in setting goals and learning new skills to have a better life. A child who has had counselling often shows overall life improvement and helps the entire family go back into living a normal life.

Child Counsellors and Experts in Toronto

In Toronto, Ontario, there are a lot of child counsellors and therapists that offer these invaluable services. They focus on giving insights pertaining to a child’s particular socio-emotional development and overall mental health. Child counsellors are very meticulous about such details that not all people cannot distinguish. These specialists are highly trained for this condition and thus the best individuals to seek help from.

Child counsellors, or also called child psychologists or therapists, have special training in this type of field. Their labels depend on the level of licensure they have achieved in their academic lives. They are equipped with knowledge, skills and expertise to be able to identify, distinguish, assess, diagnose and treat children who are suffering from psychological distress, family and peer issues, and other mental health conditions in their lives.

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The vulnerable youth is the main target group of child counsellors. Parents often misunderstand their child for bad behaviour because they simply do not know his real mental health situation. Child counsellors come in and help resolve those issues. The aim of all counsellors in the field is to help these children come out of their shell, speak and interpret issues they are experiencing at the moment. This is a very challenging task but it has to be done so that this does not have a negative impact on a child’s developmental milestones as he grows old. Mental illness, if left untreated at an early stage, may cause delays in his development as he matures into an adult in the following years.

When Should You Seek a Counsellor?

Parents often have a hard time knowing when to seek a counsellor for their child. Often mistaken as bad behaviour, it can be very challenging and the cause why most children are not helped out in the early stage. But when you notice a change in your child’s behaviour or if you feel he/she is struggling with something, that is the best time to have a counsellor speak to your child.

Remember that a counsellor technically has the “know-how” in making a child calm down and voice out his thoughts and feelings. So instead of struggling in doing this yourself, let the professional take care of the situation. They are better equipped and can even offer parents the tools needed to deal with any issues your child is having.

How Much Does Child Counselling Cost?

Child counsellors or psychologists have taken enough education to be able to provide families with the help they need. In Ontario and most other provinces, it takes a total of 3000 hours of clinical experience to be able to get a license for child counselling. That’s why most parents trust these professionals and would spend any amount just to help their child cope and make a recovery. 

Child counselling fees cost an average of CAD 36 per session in the Toronto area. The number of sessions a child sees a counsellor depends on the severity of his situation. In a week, an average of 2 to 3 sessions is suggested for each child. Most experienced counsellors or psychologists can charge as high as CAD 60 to 250 per one-hour session.

For those who need such services but would want a cost-effective alternative, there are services offered by recent graduates and associates. They offer the same counselling but are under the supervision of experienced professionals. Another option is to go to therapists who offer a “sliding scale” in private practice. Your income is the basis as to how much you will be paying. With this alternative, you won’t be paying the full amount rather only a reduced fee.

There are also private companies in Toronto providing health insurance that covers child counselling. Talking to the human resources department will help you find out the health plan coverage and the amount you can claim every year. Some companies also provide assistance programs to families in need of counselling. These are confidential and you can freely discuss at the HR department for the type of counsellor and hours of sessions.

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Child counselling services are very convenient to avail nowadays. Thanks to technology and developed programs which offer financial assistance, parents and families have more options to choose from. Each child is special and as a parent, you need to do everything to make your child feel safe, happy and well at any point in his/her life.