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Building blocks to Build Up

Top 10 Autism Activities– Reported by Parents during our workshops and end or treatments season ion. Parents Gave the reason for choosing specific therapy and then after 10 sessions were given a form to give us information regarding their positive and negative impact by the program that they have chosen for their kids. To see any advance, if they were not happy they were able to ask to choose another mid modality or therapist after. At the end of therapy, they have been asked to rank the therapy/therapist. To see if The therapy had any effect and if the therapy work for your child.

10 Simple Autism Activities to help your Child 1
The top 10 best therapies for autism

Here are the Autism Therapies – parents reported as working best for their children. Rank-ordered by percent of mentions and including only those therapies that received at least 1%

  1. Occupational Therapy – 20%
  2. Speech Therapy – 17%
  3. Miller Method Therapy, FloorTime – 20%
  4. Social Skills Classes – 13%
  5. – 9% ABI/ABA
  7. Psychiatrist/Psychologist/art therapy sessions – 16%
  8. LEGO therapy, Swimming.-1%
  9. Sensory room 1%
  10. Send therapy 1%

How to choose the right Autism Activities for your child

  1. Early intervention is important for your child, intervene early on will reduce your child’s symptoms.
  2. Symptoms might be less or be able to handle when the child will be older.
  3. some times Autism activities or therapies are recommended due to the fact that our doctors and other parents will recommend the therapy.
    They recommend from personal knowledge and not the need of the child.
  4. Parents prefer methods for development therapy and behavioral therapy than other methods.
  5. Some parents have mentioned that using non-conventional methods help their kids more than ABA therapy.
  6. Using the mentality of occupational therapy and speech pathologist with the Miller method was one strategy.
  7. Most parents went to the Miller method therapist that uses occupational therapy and speech pathology during the class.


  • Early intervention services -the providence and by the public school systems will help yo7 to make the first connection.
  • ABA therapy And t like Miller Method, floor time actually covered by the Ontario autism program the parents have the responsibility to ask about the programs.
  • we recommend doing your due diligence to ask parents therapists and doctors regarding any methods or therapy that you want to use for your child.
    The final decision is yours regarding the therapy and the way that you want to work with your child and any therapist will acknowledge that and will be supportive of Your Decision.
  • We recommend to build a team that will be led by a professional it can be a psychologist or a caseworker that will take charge on all therapies and professional (Autism Therapies have to be a decision that the whole family is OK with it) that work with your child having a someone who is a professional in this field makes your life easier and make sure that your child will get the best therapy that is available and also answer any question that you might have
  • The team conducted the survey in our clinics and incorporation with other clinics around the world.
  • we ask parents to give an honest opinion of what Autism activities work with their child.
10 Simple Autism Activities to help your Child 2
Autism therapy

5 Simple Autism Activities FOR parents

  • Be compatible.
  • Stick to a program.
  • Pay for good behavior.
  • Create a home safety place.
  • Look for nonverbal prompts.
  • Figure out the impulse behind the anger.
  • Initiate time to enjoy.
  • Pay regard to your child’s receptive delicacies.

Try Some good bedroom decor ideas for Autistic child

autism activities cute girl bedroom
autism activities are more engaging in bedrooms that are specially designed and furnished.

The main idea behind our House of child development, was to provide a fun environment that is compatible with their brains and special needs. So the suggestion for a parent who is dealing with a child with special needs, must try some unique tricky bedroom ideas. This may let your child utilize his energy in brain development without causing any trouble and enjoying the autism activities at home.