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At after school program, learning social skills is a lifelong journey for all of us, especially for those with on the Autism spectrum. With the appropriate supports, education, and practice, children with ASD can develop the skills. That they need to navigate relationships, employment, and the world around us. That’s because a person’s social understanding might present differently depending on age, cognitive capacity, and ability to communicates. If you are looking for the professional after school programs in Ontario. Try Us!

The authentic results from our caregiver survey showed that less than half of these programs encouraged parents with children ASD. To monitor the effectiveness of their child’s progress in after school program.

Welcome to The House of Child development and A Reliable after school program. We assume that you must have an idea about after school program. And that’s why you landed our page. In the first place, let us provide you a brief. It will help you with our certified after school services as a result. We offer qualified therapist services for children with ASD, ADHD, and other disabilities.

 Why is the After School Programs important?

children with asd

The basic idea is to introduce after school activities or out of school time, inside a school building, or elsewhere in the community. Such as a community center, church, library, or park. Post-school activities are an essential part of inclusive character building (source). Because the children enrolled in after school programs claim that they are more successful in later life. These after school activities, eventually result in better test scores and academic grades.

100% Ensured After school programs for your toddlers

The after school program offered at The House Of Child Development practices a system that removes barriers. Coupled with the efforts by learners, we implement quality standards. The data we collect could be extremely worthwhile for program providers in Canada.

Our excellent after school programs runs between 4:00 p.m to 6:00 p.m. To your child learn through grade-level expertise. Furthermore to increase access to learning and the effectiveness of the OST. We do not grade kids by first, second, and third. Instead, we accept that all children are equal. And should be approached with equal rights. 

We cater all of these activities for after school program;

What We Offer!

We are proud to offer after school program for children with ASD, ADHD, and learning disabilities that provide various skills to help your children succeed and grow. Besides keeping up the quality, we focus on after-school program staff training through professional materials and highly competent mentors. Thus we know how to run after school programs proficiently.

A brief background - After school programs at the House of Child Development

Course Outline - Social Skills Development

Our after school program includes courses that follow the techniques for promoting social skills in various environments. It focuses on children working at an intermediate level and above and assumes that they have some descriptive language abilities and necessary play skills. This course would be useful for parents, tutors, and learning support assistants.

Teaching techniques (chaining and task analysis)


Support systems such as visual support and written support


Relationship training through video teaching, role play and social stories


Play skills


Life skills

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