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Overview – Behavioural issues ADHD Signs

ADHD is a disorder that affects a person’s brain development and brain activity. Typically, a person is treated with various types of therapies provided by a certified tutor. We are sharing guidelines on Autism, Behavioural issues, and ADHD signs in children and adults. Navigate to our Services Page to access the best tutor in Toronto.

This could be any of these three types, Predominantly inattentive, predominantly hyperactive, or combined type. Each person with ADHD will have a unique set of symptoms, challenges, and Behavioural issues. But in all types of ADHD, a person’s ability to attend and focus is affected. It is also important to note that there are often significant differences observed in the presentations of ADHD between males and females.

ADHD Therapy and Tutorring
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Types of ADHD

 Predominantly inattentive: Also defined as the inability to maintain attention/focus (e.g. easily going off-task/distracted). Such as missing parts of lessons, concepts, or skills; needing redirection). Kids are likely to lose items such as homework, toys, or writing tools. Furthermore, they have difficulties with time management. Including Behavioural issues or organizing tasks a challenge.

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 Predominantly hyperactive: Characteristics include the inability to sit still, excessive movement, and rapid speaking. In addition, they feel difficulty completing tasks quietly, fidgeting (e.g. tapping feet or hands), acting quickly without thinking of the consequences, interrupting conversations, or blurting out answers.

 Combined: Individuals will exhibit characteristics of both hyperactive and inattentive types.

 ADHD in females:  ADHD may present differently in females. Predominantly inattentive ADHD may look like daydreaming, shyness, self-blaming behavior. Coupled with symptoms of Behavioural issues or depression, or an unwillingness to take risks. Predominantly hyperactive ADHD in females may present with excessive chatting, fidgeting, bossy behavior, and taking risks. In any of the types described above. To get proper treatment, one requires a specialist as an ADHD therapist.

ADHD signs and Behavioural issues!

The first thing you need to do if your child has been diagnosed adhd. Do Not Panic, and Contact the nearest Autism or ADHD therapist.

Believe it or not, Your child’s future is worth investing in. In a nutshell, you must avail of some special services for your child with special needs. A traditional education will spoil his mental peace. So, dont take a chance. If you are located in Toronto, You are welcome to join our 100% Certified Program.

Common Issues Associated with ADHD

 Learning gaps: A child may miss part or all of the lesson that teacher has delivered.

 Social/emotional issues with peers: Students may miss the social cues of their peers and have trouble maintaining relationships. 

 Behavioural issues: They may exhibit oppositional, defiant, or even aggressive behavior. While being asked to do something that is challenging for them.

 Frustration: Students with autism usually have ADHD signs, who are unable to move while they learn. as well as who speaks out of turn may face consequences for behavior they cannot control, and therefore feel singled out.

 Unfocused speaking and writing: Learners’ writing and speaking may become disorganized and difficult to follow.

adhd tutor in Toronto
Amir Haimove, Autism school in Toronto

Amir Haimove’s area of expertise is helping toddlers and kids ages 2-13. Who has extensive knowledge of developmental delays, Autism & ADHD Learning disabilities? His knowledge for kids’ inability & Pro dealing with their anxiety and/or depression or developmental needs, is uncomparable. This could be due to ADHD signs, Autism/Aspect Berger’s, bullying, difficulty at school, a medical condition, or anything else.

His approach is psychoanalytic and floor time/Miller Method. Amir Haimove was the last student of Dr.Miller and is doing his Ph.D. in child development and mental health.

Additionally he specializes in autism therapy and ADHD therapy, school Counseling, Behavioural issues, and Life coaching. As well as he is teaching kids sports activities and social activities. Moreover he has an experience of working with kids with mental health issues. for example, bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression, addiction, anger management, grief, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Furthermore, he owns over 20 years of experience as a developmental & adhd therapist in 8 different Providence and internationally in the USA, the Middle East, and Asia. To sum up, Amir’s core believe is the belief change arises from the combination of a positive, compassionate working relationship and the right tools to make your goals reality

Practices of ADHD Tutor in Toronto – The House of Child Development

  •  We work by reducing distractions in the learning environment.
  •  By using assistive technology such as Text-to-Speech or Speech-to-Text software.
  •  Providing alternative working positions such as sitting on a bouncy ball or standing.
  •  We help a child with autism and adhd them get organized. By giving them tasks about checklists, calendars, and graphic organizers.
  •  Teaching them about the coping strategies. Such as chunking work, taking short breaks, using a fidget tool. Coupled with engaging in light physical activity to increase attention to the task.
  •  Advocating for the student to parents and teachers for strategies, tools, and devices that will assist in student Behavioural issues.
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