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Opening Hours

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Our Process

Dreaming and Planning

While every project is unique, HK Home Development’s process for delivering stunning transformations is the same. Our proven system and creativity are what allow us to provide outstanding value for our clients.

Phase 1 (Discovery)

At our first meeting, we’ll:

-Complete the pre-construction packet

-Learn what you love and don’t like about the current house.

-Understanding your goals, your needs and your preferences is key.

-Discuss different design options.

-Obtain your initial measurements.

-Discuss your budget and how much you are comfortable investing in your home.

-Get all the information you need to give us a budget estimate.

Price: $400.00

Budgeting and Design Agreement

We will be:

-Discuss the budget estimates for your project.

-Review our approach to handling items that are not within the scope of our work.

-Review our processes and systems to see what you can expect during every phase of construction.

-Sign the Design/Build Partner Agreement. This agreement will allow us to continue creating and developing design options.

Phase 2 – Creative

We will: After the Design/Build Agreement is approved

-Set up a time when our team can visit your home to conduct a deeper investigation and take further measurements.

-Request a meeting to discuss the new and improved designs.

We will be:

-Make any corrections and go over the revised designs or options that we have created for you.

-If desired, present 3-D renderings of your project. These can be purchased for an additional charge, but make it easier to visualize your final result.

-Review any budget changes to determine their impact on your budget.

-Arrange a date to choose the materials for your project.

Final Conceptual Design

Before the final meeting of design, we will:

-Return to site to confirm measurements to make sure that dimensions are correct.

-Our production department will review your plans in order to confirm build-ability. Some issues might arise after walls are opened.

-Get quotations from all suppliers for the chosen materials

-Complete specifications

We will be:

-Review the final floor plans

-Review the final specifications

-Review the final paint selections

-Review the final pricing

-Have a signed a construction agreement that allows us to begin the next phase of your project?

(Phase 3)


-We will do the following before we start construction:

-Receive the 10% fee at the conclusion of the phase. Your project will then be moved to the architect.

-Apply to the building permit. Most municipalities will take between 4-5 and 6 weeks to approve your application. The permit application process for large renovations may take longer.

-Prepare a construction pack for your project manager.

-Assign your project manger.

-Conferencing the pre-construction job conference.

Pre-Construction Job Conference

We will be:

-Receive the 30% start fee.

-Introduce yourself to your project manager.

-Review the project on-site with your project manager.

-Go through a series questions about general housekeeping. This is done to ensure that your family is secure and safe during construction.

-For any special order items, you can place a release purchase order.

After the conference, we’ll:

-Obtain permits and create a construction schedule. We will use this information to finish your project on time.

(Phase 4) Construction Production

We will use during construction:

-Updates on construction being done

-Any changes to your schedule will be communicated to you

-Speak with us to discuss any concerns you might have during construction.

-You will be updated on any changes made to the project, which could affect the cost and the scope.

-Use detailed checklists to ensure that every phase of construction is done correctly and to the highest standards.

Post Construction

We will be:

-Deliver your warranty/information packet (if applicable).

Call us after 30 days to find out how you like the work we did for you. We will also be able to tell you if we need to make any adjustments.

We want to make your construction experience fun. We want you to be able to enjoy the improvements to your living space and to share our enthusiasm with others.